The Association currently has nine affiliated clubs

Consett Sports Centre Gun Club                    

Darlington Railway Athletic ( RA ) Club

Darlington Rifle & Pistol Club                         

Hartlepool Rifle Club                                     

Hurworth Air Gun Club                                  

Mayfair Shooting Club ( Sunderland )          

St. Giles Rifle & Pistol Club                          

Sunderland Rifle Club

Tyne & Wear Air Gun Club

The affiliated cubs variously offer the following disciplines dependent upon their facilities

Smal Bore RF Rifle ( Includes: Semi Automatic )

Prone Rifle

Full Bore

Pistol Calibre Rifle

Black Power Pistol

Air Pistol & Air Rifle

Some of our clubs offer training leading up to the application for a Firearms Certificate


First established in 1901 The Durham & Cleveland Small-bore Rifle Association (DCSRA) is the governing body of shooting within County Durham

Cleveland and a large part of North Yorkshire, South Tyneside and Sunderland.

The DCSRA brings together the Small-bore Rifle and Pistol clubs and associations The association currently has nine Affiliated clubs

DCSRA is a affiliated to the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA)

The cost of Affiliating to the DCSRA is Currently set at £25 for one year, whilst individuals who are members of clubs not affiliated to the DCSRA

are welcome to apply for a shooting membership of the the association ( this includes people from other associations ) at a cost of £3.00 per person / year

This membership allows shooters to Compete in our postal leagues, these consist of seven rounds and are held twice/year on a Summer & Winter Basis

National Small-bore Rifle Association